vCloud Directroy 9,7 issues (VDC, VMs and Tasks)

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Dear Team,


I am facing this issues of vCD 9,7:

1- Creating a new vDC after completing all configuration (Name, SSD, Edge, LAN, ..etc) steps not successful. The task process take a very log time and fail at the end, By checking the properties of the vDC, there are no SSD, Edge, Network item. The VDC is not enabled although during the configuration I am 100% sure that the box “enabled” is active.

Furthermore as I try to enable the vDC and add again these items manually, the process fail again after very long time, error can not create because of vDC status.


On the System there is a demo VDC and when I try to create a VM into vAPP it takes a long time and also sometimes fail.


The connection to the vCenter Proxy is OK. The sync between the 3 Cells is OK.


Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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