vCloud Director Plugin 15966366 for vRO

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I am using vRO 7.6 with Cloud Director 10.1 and plugin vCloud


We have also tested with 8.1


This was all working fine for us – basically we have a workflow that uses the ‘Instantiate a vAPP Template’ post that it does some further work.


About a week ago we created a new org in our Cloud Director Install, this new org has separate PVDC and OVDC,


Since we created it we noted that now when we use the inbuilt  ‘Instantiate a vAPP Template’ we always get an error

the VMware Cloud Director entity vAPPTest10367 already exists. VCD ErrorType: major error code = 400, minor error code = DUPLICATE_NAME

Problem is the vAPP name doesn’t exist – and even though the workflow fails with this error – the vapp is created correctly –


We removed the new Org, PVDC and OVDC but the problem persists – we have no idea why it complains of the duplicate name when the DB shows there is no duplicate vapp prior to request – our suspicion is that the plugin is requesting 2 vapps of the same name for some reason


When manually creating a vAPP there is no such issue – only when using the vRO workflow


The plugin has our vCD added using shared credentials and pointing to our Production Org.


We have opened with Support (20150873008) but as it sits between he vRO and Cloud Director teams there has been no progress.


I suppose key question I am asking here is

a) Is there any other Tech Preview of the vCD plugins that are available to try maybe this is a known issue-

b) Has anyone else seen the issue where if you have multiple orgs and use the ‘Instantiate a vAPP Template’ that there are duplicate errors and possible multiple requests.




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