VCF 4.0 NSX-T Deployment stuck in endless loop

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Hi All

Currently attempting to install VCF 4.0 into my lab.

Im stuck at an endless loop of deploying the management cluster nodes then the builder tearing them down again…

The vcd-bringup-debug.log shows entries of ‘Waiting for NSX-T manager to become operational’ once the vm’s are online. Eventually it times out and gives the error ‘NSXT_MANAGER_NON_OPERATIONAL NSX-T Manager operation status is false on 10.xx.xx.131’. It then proceeds to delete the VM’s.

Its always the same IP address (10.xx.xx.131) of node A it mentions.

For the period of time the VM’s are online, I can successfully log in and ping the other nodes, vCenter and the Cloud Builder appliance so comms look to be ok.

The logs aren’t giving me anything else I am finding useful.

The only other thing that could be relevant is the deployment spreadsheet shows the NSX node A IP as valid, node B and C flag as invalid (red). I haven’t been able to resolve this and assumed it might be a conditional formatting error, but it passes all the validation checks when I load it into the Cloud Builder appliance.

Anyone else had a similar experience, or can suggest anything?

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