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I’m starting the learning process on the VMWare platform with a home lab setup. ESXI 6.5 is installed on my server and I am able to successfully manage the system via the web interface. However, I’d like to explore some of the options present in the vCenter Server application. However, I’m unable to locate the correct download for this product.


Pressing the “Get vCenter Server” button from the ESXI web interface does not direct to the correct link.

Browsing through the downloads page seems to be the correct location but I do not have permissions to download:


Message: You either are not entitled or do not have permissions to download this product. Check with your My VMware Super User, Procurement Contact or Administrator. If you recently purchased this product thorugh VMware Store or through a third party, try downloading later.


I’m looking for help in 1 of 2 ways:

1. Describe how to obtain permissions required for downloading the product from the link below

2. If the link below is not the right approach, please redirect me to a download location for the client interface that I install on my desktop PC.


Download Link I tried:


Version of ESXi

ESXi 6.5 A03 (based on ESXi VMKernel Release Build 5310538)

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