Vcenter Failure

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I have a question on old Vmware 4.1 – hope someone can assist



The setup consits of some hosts esxi 4.1  which were connected to vcenter 4.1 and using Datastores and VDS configured at Vcenter Level.



Now the Vcenter Server (Windows 2008 R2) has corrupted and beyond repair. All the VMs are working fine accessing the Datastores and VDS which was configured with Vcenter.



We need to build a new Vcenter. Unfortunately, there is no backup.



My Questions

1. How Do I deregister the ESxi and join to New Vcenter

2. IF the ESXi joins to new Vcenter will it still see the Datastores and VDS ? if not then what option do I have to retain the Datastore and VDS configuration



Thank You

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