vCenter Converter 6.2.1 Failed resyncs after vCenter rebuild.

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Hello Community,


I have a strange issue.


I was using VMware vCenter Converter 6.2.1 to migrate a few Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs from one site to another over MPLS. I am using the converter to achieve this as I do not have access to the vCenter/ESXi of the source location. Only the destination.

I ran the migration 2 weeks ago and was running regular sync tasks every few hours.


Last night, we had a network change which caused an outage on the vCenter network and I had to rebuild the vCenter again from scratch. The vCenter was rebuilt with the same hostname, IP address, DC and Cluster config. The only change is the VLAN ID I was converting with intially.

After the rebuild, I tried syncing the VMs, but all of them failed with the error message in the image below. The failure is almost instantly after clicking synchronize. The communication between the source VM, Converter Server, ESXi and vCenter is all verified and no issues were found.



I have migrated around 14 VMs this way and I am stuck with the issue and unable to sync anymore. We have a scheduled downtime in a few days and converting the machines again is not an option at the moment.


I am attaching the log bundles from a few jobs that failed.


Please advise.




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