vCenter build lower than ESXi after latest patches…

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Hi all,


Recently upgraded vCenter (appliance) to the latest being offered in the VAMI auto update ( – Released 20th August 2020).

Once complete I then started updating all my hosts with the latest Critical and Non-Critical patches from my update manager.

Completed the first cluster (2 hosts) and was surprised to see that the ESXi build number had incremented above the vCenter build number?



Version: 6.7.0

Build: 16709110



Version: 6.7.0

Build: 16713306


I’ve always been under the impression that the vCenter build number should always be kept above the ESXi build number…

Do I hold off completing my other three clusters (15 hosts) until a later release of vCenter appliance is released?

Any way of avoiding this in the future? (there was no way of knowing what build the host patches would push it to)




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