vCenter automatically deploying VIB to host

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I’ve recently updated my home lab vCenter to v7.0.

In order to do that, I’ve previously removed an incompatible NSX-V installation that I started but never completed (only the manager was installed and connected to VC)

For that I had to unregister some extensions as mentionned in several tutorials and it worked fine.


Now, I want to upgrade all hosts to 7.0 as well and today I had one a failed host because of an old USB stick that didn’t like the upgrade

So I’ve restaged it to 6.7 first on a new USB stick, in order to make an upgrade right after.


When reconnecting the host to vCenter, I’ve noticed it installed the extension VMware_bootbank_esx-nsxv_6.7.0-0.0.14762108 again, which is incompatible with ESXi 7.0.


It is not a problem to remove it manually after, but if I can avoid to keep this forever within my vCenter, that would be great.


Any idea how to do that ? Thanks in advance

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