VCenter Appliance will not start

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My story is some what similar to this post here


VCenter Appliance – Esx Agent Manager fails to start (vmware.thread 586245)


was getting error 503 when trying to brows to the vCenter ui. Stumbled across this KB article

     VMware Knowledge Base

          Discovered that my root passwrd was expired and the Log file was to large. Followed those steps and was able to get vmware-vpostgres to start.


then the Vmware-invsvc now failed to start. searched and found

     and was now getting LDAP 49 error and used the steps in this KB article (VMware Knowledge Base )to reset my account credentials.


vmware-invsvc still wouldn’t start now because i noticed my SSL cert had expired (yeah.. set it and forget it i know….) so I found this KB article (VMware Knowledge Base )to reset that.


look all I want to do is upgrade to 6.5. I am at my end with this thing. And I don’t know what to do. any guidance would be appreciated.


I am attaching some logs if you need more let me know.

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