vCenter 7 Fault Tolerance performance issues

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I enabled fault tolerance in vCenter 7 and noticed that the ping reply when fault tolerance is enabled on the VM goes from 1ms to about 10-30ms.  A 5GB file copy to the VM goes from 100MB/s without FT then 10MB/s with FT.  Full disclosure that I am using a 1Gb dedicated link not 10Gb, however I have read multiple posts that people with 10Gb links are having the same issues.  I have zero traffic running across the network since this is a test lab POC, so no contention here.  Are there any performance tweaks or configuration recommendations that can be made other than having fault tolerance logging on its own dedicated NIC (with vMotion that is), or is this as good as it gets?  Anyone able to run FT on a 10Gb link and have the same (or close to the same) ping response times and file transfer speeds?  Thanks

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