vCenter 7.0: Configure vCenter HA Advanced Option no longer available?

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Just upgraded a vCenter 6.7 U3 (in HA) environment to vCenter 7.0.

During the upgrade process the HA set-up was automatically removed (as expected).


After the upgrade I’m struggling with getting the HA setup up and running again.

I’ve used the “advanced option” in 6.7 as the hosts on which the VCSA is running are managed by another vCenter in a different SSO domain (by design and not to be changed).

During that advanced setup I simply cloned to active VCSA and applied two preconfigured customizations to set the correct hostname and IPs.

Corresponding documentation: Create and Configure the Clones of the Active Node


The above described process won’t work for 7.0 as I now would have to reenter all configuration options for the VCSA vApp during the cloning process.

The pre-filled values do NOT match the current set-up and honestly I’m not sure what to enter in each field.


The documentation wasn’t updated for vCenter 7.0 and VMware support urges me to skip using vCenter HA.


Has anybody got this advanced configuration working with vCenter 7.0?

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

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