vCenter 6.7 appliance SSO domain same as hostname | issue when repointing to new SSO domain

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Hi there,


I am seeking some help from the community for a specific case I am experiencing now.

My Current vCenter is a 6.7 appliance last version but historically it has been deployed with the SSO domain same as hostname fqdn.


It works pretty well so far but I know this is not supported by VMware and documentation warns about this case. Unfortunately I am not the one who deployed this vCenter….

Now I need to change the SSO domain to vsphere.local and link a remote vcenter to this one. Indeed there is no way I keep the current SSO domain as the configuration is not following the best practices.


So I used the command to repoint vcenter to a new sso domain and the repointing fails, after some troubleshoot, it appears that the URLs in the SSO configuration uses the new SSO domain as endpoint….. and not the hostname of the vcenter.


Doing the same thing with a vcenter that have a SSO domain different from hostname from the begining works perfectly.


Any one when through this specific case ?


Thank you !!!!!

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