Vcenter 5.5 – VM starts automatically after power off

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I have old vcenter 5.5 env and noticed power off issues for some VMs – when I try to power off VM it just starts back again after 10 seconds – Power on virtual machine Initiated by Administrator. Is it some bug ? I have solved last time the same issue changing Power Management option to “Suspend the virtual machine” + power off VM and fast Remove from Inventory + add back to Inventory from VMs vmx. Right now I have VM where it does not work. VM is in HA cluster so “Virtual Machine Startup and Shutdown” is disabled for ESXi. Tried:

  •   Re-enable HA + DRS
  • Disable “enable individual virtual machine automation levels
  • Disable all from RUN Vmware Tools scripts tab in VM settings


nothing helps – any ideas ?

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