Variety of GPS setiings for devices

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Hello everyone wgo is reading this,


i’m new to the community and have a question for a customer of ours.


we support them with Android handheld terminals from Zebra (TC70 and TC57 mostly) an currently have the GPS turned off on all devices.

the customer made a request to have the GPS on with the least amount of battery loss as possible, which is easy doable.


the only questions that came to mind when i was looking into the variety of settings to chose is “what do they all mean specifically?”


location service configuration options:

– allow no location acces (would think this is pretty self explanatory)

– Set GPS location only (meaning only through GPS and no use of network location?)

– Set battery saving location updates only (meaning it will periodically turn on GPS to send location information?)

– Set high accuracy location only (meaning through GPS and network?)



i hope someone can help me answer these questions. i couldn’t find any documents on the explanation, only the existence of those setting options.

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