v7u1 update failed loop

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With new updates to apply to vCenter 7.0U1 showing in my console ( to, I thought I’d update my lab. Unfortunately, I’m now stuck in a loop of failing update checks [see attached screenshots: 1) prechecks succeed, 2) SSO Admin password requested, 3) exception in precheck], and can’t escape.


Even after restarting the VCSA, it stays stuck on the exception page; I can’t figure out how to end this insanity!


The log I found (attached) seems to indicate that, although the prechecks pass correctly, the update engine can’t find some files that should have been staged.


Help! I don’t have any support options on this (it’s a lab after all), and if I can avoid having to rebuild from backup (yes, I have both the pre-upgrade backup as well as the automated backups that have been running every day since deployment), it would be appreciated.

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