Utilisation and Speed for Workstation seems to be capped

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When running Vmware Workstation, without any other app running, CPU and Speed Utilisation seems to be capped to approx 30% Utilisation at all times.

Is there a way I can change or remove this limitation so Workstation uses more of the CPU when required?


Note: This utilisation does not change whether I open up 1 or more VM’s in Workstation.


You can see an image of the utilisation at: https://imgur.com/1oMOqEr.jpg


As soon as utilisation shows i.e. 34%, it drops back below 30% so it looks like there’s some 30% limit.


I’m currently running Vmware Workstation on a Windows 10 Pro Version – OS Build: 19041.450

When I took the screen shot, I had 3 VM’s running.

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