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Hi Community I need your opinion for the Direction we should go with the coming End of Live of Office 2010

We will use Office 2019 On Demand and Office 365 for some employers.


Vmware Software what we had bought:

Vmware Horizon

Vmware DEM (UEM)

Vwmare App Vollumes Standard


Our Current Setup looks like this:

– Windows 10 Golden Image (x64 1909)

– Mandatory Profile

– DEM – User Environment Management

– Office 2010 Online Mode (not cached)


This Setup Works really well and we have no problems



Our Future Environment:

– Windows 10 Golden Image (x64 1909)

– DEM – UEM User Environment

– Vmware App Volumes

– Office 2019 (Cached Mode >>> That’s why we have App Volumes)

– Office 365 Business Premium (Cached Mode >>> That’s why we have App Volumes)


Here we don’t know whats the best solution?


a) What User Profile Management ist the best to go: Mandatory, Local Profiles, Roaming Profiles >>> If you have DEM and App Volumes

b) Should we use App Volumes Writable for the Profile if it is a Local One?

c) Should we use DEM for Profile and in Combination with App Volumes Writable Disk (So that the Local Profile saves the Profile on the writeable Disk?)

d) We try it with the App Volumes 2006 Version, but we have Problems to get it run….


It Woult be nice do know what is the Current Way to go for User Profiles?



Thx a lot for your Ideas

Best Regards

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