USB device not detected in Fusion 11.5.6

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I spent now nearly the whole morning in trying to make a USB3 device appear in my Linux Guest OS.

Mac OSX 10.15.5, Linux Guest: Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS.

Setup is: MBP 2018->usb-C->USB-hub or dock->Magewell USB Capture device


I see that the device is recognized by the MAC, but not offered to connect to the guest system (see attachment for screenshot):


I tried a lot from other threads (trying to grant full file access, reinstall fusion, reboot mac, do woodoo with the security and privacy settings …) but of no help.

Inserting a USB pen drive or external hard drive works. Also my phone connects and is offered, however the mice that I have connected are not.


Downgrading to 11.5.3 did not help either.






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