USB Bluetooth conections not showing in VMWARE FUSION 11.5

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I have been trying to put Windows10 with Bootcamp on an external drive.With this guys video up and tell he goes to USB Bluetooth 

all was going well when he clicked  USB Bluetooth he gets lots of stuff to conect to all i get is *USB Bluetooth  USB Bluetooth settings?

on his.…
Why dose my USB Bluetooth not have Conect Bootcamp  SSD? underneath that he has USB Bluetooth Settings when mine only shows USB SETTIBluetooth settings?No sign of my Bootcamp SSD? This is the full video by the exalant Jeff 9 to 5  Mac.Everything down up the point of the USB Bluetooth.How to install Windows 10 “Boot Camp” on a Mac External Drive the EASY way! (2020 edition) – YouTube

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