USB 3.0 Bridge Fails in Windows 10 on Workstation v14

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I am not able to connect either brand of our USB 3.0 hubs (Thermaltake or Sabrent) to the Win 10 VM with VMWare Workstation v14.1.8. The VM settings are for 3.0 compatibility. The bridge connects and can be ejected but the disk mounted in it does not mount (e.g. in diskmgmt.msc) like it does if I connect it to a PC 2.0 port or use a 2.0 cable into the PC 3.0 port. I did succeed in connecting a USB 3.0 hub to a Win 7 VM after following VMWare instructions ( The 3.0 bridge/disk connects/mounts fine directly to my host PC. Any ideas why not in the VM?

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