Urgent : How to move a damaged datastore around the planet over night?

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– a standalone ESXi with a 2.8TB datastore in Australia has to be cloned to Brasil

– problems: no physical access is possible and access via idrac is unreliable


Why clone a complete datastore at all ?

– after an “incident” one VM  has disappeared and is hiding among 20 other working VMs – thats why we need to move the raw volume and cant move single VMs


Current plan:

– setup an iSCSI target in the vicinity of the standalone host

– connect to the iSCSi-target and create a second datastore

– dd the complete original datastore by reading the device /dev/disks/naa.number:3 split in 10gb chunks piped into gzip to the second datastore

– upload 267 gz files to a webserver available in the internet

– download the gz-files to the location in Brasil, check md5sums and reassemble the datastore


Script to split the dd-dumps in Australia looks like this:










while [ $x -le $RANGEMAX ]


  echo “dd part number $x”

  echo “dd part number $x” >>  $TARGET/clone-log.txt 

echo “dd part number $x” >>  $TARGET/error.txt


dd if=$DUMP  bs=1M count=10240 skip=$(( $x * 10240 )) | gzip -c > $TARGET/dump-$x.gz

echo “$?” >>  $TARGET/error.txt


if [ ! -e $TARGET/dump-$x.gz  ];


    echo “$TARGET/dump-$x.gz does not exist”  >>  $TARGET/error-log.txt;



echo “md5sum part number $x”

md5sum $TARGET/dump-$x.gz > $TARGET/dump-$x.md5


if [ ! -e $TARGET/dump-$x.md5  ];


    echo “$TARGET/dump-$x.md5 does not exist”  >>  $TARGET/error-log.txt;



  x=$(( $x + 1 ))



Any suggestions on how to impove speed, improve error-messages or for additional dd-parameters are welcome.

In case one of the 10gb slices fails because of I/O errors I plan to address those slices separately via dd-rescue from a Linux-system.

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