Upgrading vSphere to 7.0 before upgrading ESXi hosts

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My VCSA’s are currently running v6.7.0 build 15976728; my hosts are running 6.0 and 6.7.0, 13004448.


This may seem to be a dumb question, but: Is there any disadvantage to upgrading the VCSA’s to the latest 7.0, and leaving the hosts as-is?


The reason I ask is that I’m needing to deploy some single esxi hosts to remote sites, which I will then add to vCenter. I’d like to build them as esxi v7 rather than 6.7.0 to prevent having to shut down the remote site just to upgrade to v7 later.


(I did build one with esxi v7, but my 6.7 vcsa cannot handle v7.)

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