Upgrading from Mac OS Mojave to Catalina and VM 10.1.5 to 11.5.6 — W7 VM Not Responding to Keystrokes or Mouse Clicks

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I moved to a new MacBook Pro and in the process upgraded from Mojave to the Catalina OS.  I initialized the new machine from my Time Machine backup.


When I tried VMWare (10.1.5) on the new machine, I ended up with a black screen when I tried to access my Windows 7 VM.  Then VMware became unresponsive and said that components were unavailable — I gather it wasn’t compatible with OS Catalina.


So I downloaded the latest VM Fusion 11.5.6 (which I’ll be happy to purchase outright or via an upgrade).  I can now see my W7 desktop and applications open (for instance, a Skype upgrade began automatically).  But I can’t seem to use my mouse or keyboard in this environment.  (However, my keyboard does work when typing in my W7 password at the logon screen).


Any thoughts?





P.S. In Fusion 10.1.5, there is a small control element at the bottom of the screen that is used to map USB devices and networking settings — I’m curious how that functionality is exposed in 11.5.6.

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