Upgrading a "Cluster" of ESXi hosts

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Hi all,


I’m sturdying the VMware Press VCP-DCV book (2VO-621) and have come across what appears to be a conflicting statement on P270 for vSphere upgrades. At the top of the page it states:


“If you are remediating a cluster of ESXi hosts and there is a failure during the upgrade process with one of the hosts, the remediation process stops and no further hosts are upgraded”


Then in the next paragraph it states:


“If you are remediating a cluster of hosts in parallel, and a host encounters an error during the upgrade process, the remediation process continues for the other hosts, but upgrading stops for the host with an error”


Unless i’m misunderstanding the text, one of these statements is incorrect. Can someone advise which statement is correct please.



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