Unable to vmotion data

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I have vcenter 6.7 u3

8 ESXI hosts 6.7


I just added 4 ESXI hosts yesterday do to a vcenter failure I had two vcenters and decided I only need one now.

So after I added the 4 esxi hosts to my cluster I now have 8 total esxi hosts


I found that I had a server on my internal datastore and wish to move it to my NAS shared datastores.


I have done this in the past with no problem.


Also I was able to rebuild my HA environment today which also was broken from disk issue now HA is operational again on my vcenter.


But trying to vmotion data does not work    I can vmotion computers from one esxi host with no problem that happens all the time.


Today I get this error


Failed waiting for data. Error 195887107. Not found. Storage vMotion failed to initialize copy of disk-specific file. Failed to start SvMotion. Error during disk setup. A fatal internal error occurred. See the virtual machine’s log for more details.


8 ms 09/18/2020, 12:08:49 PM 09/18/2020, 12:08:51 PM
Reconfigure virtual machine






Any ideas on this


Thank you



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