unable to remove a not empty(?) floder

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There is a folder where the virtual machine was once saved and removed. But I can’t remove the floder.


[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5e1fba9a-aabb012c-6d27-0cc47a1e5e22] rm -rf lede100
rm: can't remove 'lede100': Directory not empty
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5e1fba9a-aabb012c-6d27-0cc47a1e5e22] cd lede100
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5e1fba9a-aabb012c-6d27-0cc47a1e5e22/lede100] ls -lahs
ls: ./vmx-lede100-fcf15d3f42332c025a8c2f59239d8827ea401754-2.vswp: No such file or directory
total 1152
   128 drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root       76.0K Mar 30  2020 .
  1024 drwsrwsrwt    1 root     root      112.0K Oct 25 07:16 ..
[root@localhost:/vmfs/volumes/5e1fba9a-aabb012c-6d27-0cc47a1e5e22/lede100] rm *.*
rm: can't remove 'vmx-lede100-fcf15d3f42332c025a8c2f59239d8827ea401754-2.vswp': No such file or directory


How can I remove these floders?

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