Unable to release license from unregistered VCSA 6.5

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Hi There,


I’d like to reassign a license from a recently unregistered Vcenter Server Appliance 6.5 and reassign it to another one.


The context is: I Have 2 Vcenter servers Appliances both with embedded PSC running in production, working in enhanced linked mode (ELM).

After a lot of time troubleshooting update manager service issues in one of the them, we decided to replace it to a newest one.

So, we installed another VCSA 6.5 also with embedded PSC and migrated all of the DVS’s/Hosts/VMs from the problematic to the newest VCSA 6.5.

After that, we descommissioned the problematic one, shut it down and removed it from inventory, following the KB VMware Knowledge Base .


Finally, we have faced the problem described on the title: The killed VCSA 6.5 is still assigned to a valid license, so that we are not able to reassign it to another vcenter.

Because of that we are using the evaluation license on it for now.

We restarted all services from both UP vcenters, but it doesn’t take any effect.


Question: Is there any other approach to remove that stale VCSA 6.5 entry from the license assignment?



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