Unable to mount external OS X formatted hard drive in Mac VM

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Fusion for Mac 8.5.10

Mac Host Mavericks 10.9.5

Mac Guest Sierra 10.12.6

Mac is Late 2013 MacBookPro


I can mount a USB 3.0 and 2.0 thumb drive when I click on “Connect to the VM” when asked to choose where I want to connect (at least most of the time).


I have several LaCie Rugged drives that have Firewire 800 and USB ports.  I also have several LaCie Rugged drives that have a built in Thunderbolt cable and a USB-C port.  The LaCie drives come with adapter cables that end with a USB-A plug suitable for my MBP’s USB port.  These drives with these USB cables work in a variety of Macs.


But after clicking on “Connect to the VM” they do not mount in the VM.  Command diskutil list doesn’t show them either on the host or guest.


Is this a known problem for my Fusion, host or guest version? 


Does it work in some other version of Fusion, host or guest?


Is there some configuration setting that will make this work?


Are people able to get USB only (no firewire or thunderbolt) drives to mount?


Are people able to get other multi-port drives to mount?


Thank you

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