Unable to install VMtools on Windows 10 VM

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To start off, YES, I have attempted every possible fix for this I could find. I spent 5-ish hours following links and google searches for this, nothing that I could find fixed the issue.


Now. The issue I’m having is that because of VMTools (and possibly some other parts?) not being installed/updated, I can not enable 3d Acceleration. Which one of my programs needs in order to run. However, when I try to install VMTools from [Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools], it does not install. Instead, I get the error:

Could not find component on update server. Contact VMware Support or your system administrator.

I get this every time I try, including through a VMware reboot and a full host system reboot. I installed Windows through an ISO, but have set CD/DVD to auto-detect as was suggested. Did not fix. I have even gone so far as to manually downloading the VMware Tools ISO and mounting it in Windows, but VMware did not recognize it under CD/DVD and it did not solve the issue. Neither did simply selecting the tools ISO under Use ISO Image.



Host System Info

OS: Manjaro Linux58

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

Graphics: NVIDIA 1660 Super

Ram: 32gb 3600mHz


VM System Info:

OS: Windows 10 2004 via ISO

Processor: 4 cores assigned to VM

Graphics: 2gb video ram assigned to VM

Ram: 8gb 3600mHz assigned to VM



My apologies if I left out any information.

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