Unable to install remote console, hcmon driver issue

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This seems to be my last resort in solving this problem, I hope someone has had this issue before and can provide a new direction into solving this.


Scenario: had an upgrade from 6.7 U1 to 6.7 U3, so took the time to install the latest remote console software (worked fine).

I couldn’t establish a session to my VM’s anymore (due to an SSL issue).

In trying to understand and solve that issue, I uninstalled my vmware software (as far as I remember, only the remote console was installed).

Ever since, I’m unable to reinstall the software.

This is the error:



Failed to install the hcmon driver


Now I’ve come across several simple things that should help me, but it didn’t:

  • remove vsphere client, install remote console and reinstall vsphere client
  • install with extra admin priviliges
  • Do a register workaround (enable HCmon, install, remove regkey)


I was unfamiliar with the hcmon.sys file before this issue started. From what I learned, this should be provided by the OS under the System32 < drivers folder.

It seems this one is missing on my device, but I’m unsure if it should be there (I also read a hcmon.sys file is being installed through the remote console installation).

To be sure, I’ve cleaned up the registry (ccleaner) and ran a sfc /scannow, which succeeded without errors.


If anyone has any other recommendation, I’d be open to it.

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