Unable to boot Esxi 6 Server after reboot, Need help

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Hi guys, i’m in desperate need of help.


Yesterday I restarted my vmware esxi 6 server, one of the vm’s was acting strange, so I first shut down all vm’s, then went to maintenance mode, then used reboot option to reboot the server.

Server didnot reboot, instead it locked itself. what I mean is that it became unresponsive on vshpere client, then I went to the console / monitor and was unable to login using F2.

then I rebooted it using power button.

After that it didnot boot again. I get an error at the boot :


/lpfc.v00: file not found.

Fatal error: 15 (Not found).


I tried restarting few times, but nothing changes. 20200812_154923.jpg

This screen appears as soon bios is finished all checks, so I dont get any options / boot screens etc… this is first thing that comes on screen.


Please advise how to go from here. I’m out of options.


many many thanks in advance.

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