Unable to attach shared disks to VM’s

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Hi all,


I have a VM that is present in vSphere inventory, but when we search for the folder in vSAN storage it is not present.

Tried searching on ESXi CLI, but didn’t find any details with VM name. However when check the VMDK path from the inventory found that the files are present. but UUID folder is not present in vSAN data store browse files.

But when we search in vmf/volumes we can enter inside the path and see all VMDK and VMX files present there. Validated the VMDK details on vSAN level and they are present and its component status looks good.

However tried registering the VMX file present under volumes/”file” but it failed to register. So then I created a dummy virtual machine and cloned all 9 shared vmdk’s to newly deployed virtual machine folder. We are able to add the VMDK’s which are not shared successfully, but when we try to add the shared VMDK’s it is failing with error “Incompatible device backing specified for device ‘0’” which is related to RDM’s but here we are adding virtual disks.


Attempted to follow https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2121181


Storage policy is set correctly. Storage controller on the VM is set correctly. VM that has the disks and will power on did not have the disks set according to the KB above:For all the vSAN 6.5 and higher, but lower than vSAN 6.7 P01 <== using this section of the KB based of ESXi version being 6.7u1Working with disks 3 through 10 on the VM

  • I was able to set all Disk Mode to Independent-Persistent.
  • No drop down to set disk provisioning to Thing provision eager zeroed
    • Attempted in HTML5, flex, and host UI
  • When trying to set sharing to Multi-writer we get the error “Incompatible device backing specified for device ‘0’


Any thoughts/help at all on this would be great

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