UEFI driver for NTFS filesystem hangs UEFI Shell on Workstation Pro 15.5.6?

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There is an excellent collection of open-source code for read-only UEFI drivers on GitHub called EfiFS. The NTFS driver used to compile with Visual Studio or EDK2 and the result worked well in the UEFI Shell included with Workstation and Player, I’m told). I’ve recently (2020-08-10) tried the latest version of EfsFS and compiled it with VS2019 Enterprise 16.7.1 and EDK2 (2020-08-10 branch). The resulting driver, ntfs_x63.efi, works with other hardware emulators and loads successfully on Workstation Pro’s UEFI Shell (2.31), but the shell hangs when you try to connect the driver to a device. I haven’t tried the other drivers yet – ntfs was the first attempt.


Has anyone else experienced this or, perhaps, even solved it? Any ideas how I might chase down the issue? Thank you for any ideas or comments.

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