UAG two NIC setup

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Hi all,

Looking at deploying UAG in place of the security servers. Right now our security serer sits in the DMZ and has FW rules for access to the internet and internal networks.


I have looked at and setup a simple UAG setup with one NIC. Was relatively easy, lots of youtube instruction etc, but single NIC is not recommended for a production environment.

I am now attempting to setup a two NIC UAG but running into issues with routes etc. Have a couple questions that i hope can be answered by the brains here.


Does the 2nd NIC that is the backend internalmanagment NIC – Does this NIC bypass the DMZ? Does that NIC actually sit on the LAN? Does the UAG itself route to this NIC and vice versa?


Does anyone have some routes they can share. Is it just one way routes that are necessary.

My setup will be a UAG in a DMZ that is NAT’d by the FW to the internet.


as you can see advanced networking isn’t my thing at the moment, but i’m learning.



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