Trying to send queries to Intelligent Hub but not able to communicate with Hub.

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Dear All,

we have deployed on-prem solultion in one of our customer and where we are facing issues, customer has set a policy which enforce users to change there passcode after 90 days, but user forgot to change the passcode and now admin trying to change the passcode from console but the query is not getting applied on the intelligent hub application. Device shows connected to internet internet but the queries are not getting run automatically we tried to enroll a test device and tried to change the passcode now after applying passcode to the device have to go manually in hub application and perform manual sync the its getting changed.

please suggest what we have to check then hub will receive queries automatically without manual sync.
what would be the reason: 1) inavalability of space on the server – high utilization of RAM or CPU or else.

Thanks in advance!


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