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I would like to discuss the following Scenario:


– TortoiseGit Application provided via AppVolumes

– DEM 9.11 used

– Windows 10 non-persistent VDI’s (VMware Horizon)


I am trying to get TortoiseGit working on a non-persistent VDI in combination with DEM. Problem is that only the overlay icons are not working

This is quite a challenge because TortoiseGit uses TGitCache.exe to provide these overlay icons at logon.

TGitCache.exe must be started before explorer.exe.


The only way to get the overlay icons working is by running the following commands after the user has logged on:


“c:Program FilesTortoiseGitbinTGitCache.exe” & taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe & start explorer


This is not an option obviously as killing explorer.exe has some other side effects like temporary black screen, system tray icons disappear and so on.


Does anyone have TortoiseGit working (especially overlay icons)  on a non-persistent VDI environment in combination with AppVolumes and DEM ? Or are there possibilities in DEM I overlooked

to get this working ?


Even if I would consider installing TortoiseGit in the Golden image there is still a problem getting TGitCache.exe started before explorer.exe for only the people that have permissions to use it.


Anyone got some ideas or experiences ?


Thanks in advance


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