to enable basic NUMA to optimize performance

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just searched documents including  and… to understand “non-uniform memory access”.


I’d like to know the correct steps to utilize the basic NUMA on ESXi 6.7 to optimize the VM performance.

assume that i got an environment that indeed need to use NUMA, which included a cluster of ESXi hosts and some VMs of high virtual hardware(say 16 vCPU and 48GB vRAM).


if i wanna configure the ESXi hosts to automatically do the NUMA scheduling on these VMs, should I follow the procedure under:

1. check “interleaving memory” in each server’s BIOS to make ESXi turn the node into NUMA node?

2. disable the VM resource pool(if it exist) on this ESXi host cluster because NUMA will allocate recourses?

3. now the clusters will do the NUMA scheduling automatically without the need to configure on each VM(no need to configure “numa.nodeAffinity” paremeters)?


additional doubt is, how to know whether an ESXi host has been enabled with NUMA to function or not? only via the BIOS?

(The topic “Specifying NUMA Controls” in official document described only three NUMA manual options of affinity for VMs and i guess this is based on an already enabled NUMA system…)

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