Thick Provisioning option is still grayed out after installation of VAAI NAS plugin

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Hi ,

I Have developed a VAAI NAS plugin & installed it from command line on ESXI host.
After installation of plugin , I can see Hardware Acceleration as supported when I checked it through command line using below command-

#esxcli storage nfs list

Volume Name   Host           Share         Accessible  Mounted  Read-Only   isPE   Hardware Acceleration

————  ————-  ————  ———-  ——-  ———  —–  ———————

myshare           myhost       /mnt/myshare        true     true              false      false    Supported


I created one NFS share & mounted it on ESX.

From Gui , when I am trying to create a disk on NFS datastore, I am getting only Thin provisioning option enabled. Thick provisioning option is grayed out.

When we ran command vmkfstool with thick provisioned option ,it runs successfully.

#vmkfstools -c 4m /myshare/test19.vmdk -d eagerzeroedthick


What needs to be done  in the VAAI NAS plugin to enable thick provisioning option in GUI ?

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