The VMware Fusion 20H1 Tech Preview is now available for download

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So what‘s New with Fusion 20H1 Tech Preview?

Project Nautilus – Running containers directly with VMware Fusion

VMware Fusion 20H1 Tech Preview now enables native container runtime support. A built-in command line interface “vctl” for running containers is provided for containerized application developers. You can run container images directly with vctl provided by Fusion, pull an image from remote repository and push a local image to remote repository.

USB KEXT removal

The Fusions Team has reorganized the USB Passthrough stack and it doesn’t rely on a kernel extension to capture USB devices from the MacOS host anymore. Please visit VMware Fusion Tech Preview community, download the build and provide feedback. They would love to learn about how Fusion can further improve to help your container applications development and your ideas about what we should do next. Also, they would like to know if you have any problems using your USB devices. 

Fusion 20H1 Tech Preview User Guide

Getting Started with Project Nautilus

VMware Fusion Blog

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