The upgrade has VIBs that are missing dependencies

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Was going to try to upgrade the first host in a vSAN cluster from 6.7 to 7.0 (Using Custom Dell Image) but upon attaching upgrade baseline and run Check Compliance it showed Status “Incompatible”



The upgrade has VIBs that are missing dependencies:



Remove the VIBs or use Image Builder to create a custom upgrade ISO image that contains the missing dependencies, and try to upgrade again.


esxcli software vib list | grep


net-qlge QLogic VMwareCertified 2019-03-16


By removing the VIB’s does it mean login to ESXi and remove the the above VIB such as by doing following command?


esxcli software vib remove -n net-qlge


Why is this an issue and more important will removing the above VIB cause any issue as presumably since it is listed it is in use?

Although I can not see net-qlge listed under Driver when doing esxcli network nic list or esxcli storage core adapter list



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