The query execution timed out because of a back-end property provider ‘’ which took more than 120 seconds.

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Unable to present LUNs to vSphere, timeout on new datastore Name and device selection


This error is addressed in kb 2146229 but the workaround doesn’t apply for 6.5.0, in my case I’m on 6.5 U1 Build 5973321


The path to query-server-config.xml is no longer /usr/lib/vmware-invsvc/lib/server/config/

When I finally found query-server-config.xml the <property name=”xdbMemPercentage” value=”<I>XX” /> is no longer in there.


As this was a timeout issue, and in my case I was presenting 12 LUNs with x8 paths, I asked the storage team to just present 4 LUNs at a time and this worked.


However I just found that there appears to be an option to set this from vSphere Client.

Right click on the vCenter Server (top of the Navigator pane) > Configuration > General – Timeout Setting



I cannot test this in my current environment, if someone is able to fix this issue through increasing the timeout in the web client please reply and let the community know.

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