The distributed switch configuration on the host differs from that of the vCenter Server.

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I get this error after I changed vmkernel portgroup VLAN id. Synchronization succeeded but the error stay. Can I just let this error stay? Because all works, vCenter can communicate with ESXi and VLAN id was changed successfully. Also, before VLAN id change communication between ESXi and vCenter goes through vDS uplink directly. Now, after VLAN id change, communication between ESXi and vCenter goes through VM 3rd party firewall, one interface connected to portgroup with trunk and uplink enabled in teaming. Other firewall interface connects with other portgroup also trunk and no uplink. Vmkernel portgroup get its input not form ESXi uplink, but instead from this other portgroup.   ESXi uplink —> portgroup (trunk) —> Mikrotik firewall uplink interface —- Mikrotik firewall internal virtual interface —> portgroup (trunk and no teaming uplink) —> vmkernel portgroup (related to Mikrotik virtual interface vlan id)  

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