Tenable scan – Untrusted Certificates on vmware view destkops.

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Our Company uses Tenable to scan desktopservers for security flaws. One security issue that it finds on all of the VMware View desktops is an unTrusted Certificates

Details from Tenable –


The following certificate was found at the top of the certificate

chain sent by the remote host, but is self-signed and was not

found in the list of known certificate authorities :


|-Subject : CN=nameofdesktop.domain.com – actual desktop namedomain removed… you know – security : )


. The certificate is located at [Console RootCertificates (Local Computer)VMwareViewCertificatesnameofdesktop.domain.com] and [Console RootCertificates (Local Computer)Remote DesktopCertificatesnameofdesktop.domain.com]


Does anyone know what the certificate is used for ( I assume remote connections)? Is it generated during a recompose or desktop creation? Most importantly – How do i get certs to be trusted?


Thank you.



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