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Not sure if anyone’s run into this before, but here’s the situation. We installed the machine version of Teams on the reference image, and it works perfectly fine until we interduce (so far any AppStack), then Teams may or may not work. It’ll come up with a white screen. When I close and open the app, I get the following JavaScript error message(attached). Digging into the Teams logs, I found reference to the app.asar file, but when looking in the directory, I only found an “app.asar” folder (no file). When looking at a session with no AppStacks attached I see that there’s in fact an “app.asar” file. I tested deleting the “app.asar” folder and replacing it with the “app.asar” file and Teams opened without error!


Teams Logs

Sat Aug 08 2020 06:54:43 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) <8496> — event — errorMessage: C:Program Files (MicrosoftTeamscurrentresourceselectron.asarrendererinit.js: line 177: Unable to load preload script: C:Program Files (MicrosoftTeamscurrentresourcesapp.asarlibrendererpreload.js, status: success, scenario: f71b3c52-842d-4257-86dc-fe40519ac0a1, scenarioName: desktop_web_console_error_log, name:


I then learned that if I log in without any AppStacks, and have Teams working fine then attach an AppStack immediately. Once I close Teams, I can see the file change attributes, become a folder with an updated timestamp, and Teams will fail to launch the next time I try, so I narrowed it down to something with AppVolumes.


In the AppVolume logs, I can see that something is triggering a Teams update, which I have a feeling is what is breaking the App, but right now, I don’t know what’s triggering it. Also, since this is the machine install, that directory is blank, so it’s no technically executing anything.

[2020-08-08 11:30:57.965 UTC] [svservice:P1728:T8552] RunKey: Failed to get file attributes “C:Users******AppDataLocalMicrosoftTeamsUpdate.exe –processStart Teams.exe –process-start-args –system-initiated ” – 3


We’re on version of AppVolumes, I’ll be getting a ticket into VMware first thing Monday morning, and will update this post with whatever they give me. If anyone’s come across this before, and has any information, that’ll be great!




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