Sysbench file I/O test on nvme crash

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My environment is as follows:

– Supermicro H11SSL-NC with EPYC 7232P CPU

– ESXi-7.0b-16324942-standard

– Western Digital SN750 1T disk

– Debian 10 guest


I’m testing WD disk with this configuration but I experience crash every time when testing file I/O with sysbench. I’m using the following command:


sysbench fileio –file-test-mode=seqwr –file-total-size=10G –file-block-size=16K –threads=8 –time=60 run


Please take a look at the following kernel log:

2020-09-07T09:10:19.407Z cpu8:1049379)WARNING: NVMEIO:2223 Controller 256 receiv –


You can see that there is a critical warning 0x2 in the beginning and after that everything goes down. APD starts and All Paths Down is finally reached. Disk never recovers and I have to power off the guest. It is in invalid state after that and I need to reboot the host to recover.


It appears that increasing –file-block-size will make the system crash earlier. With 4K block size it seems to work.


Any ideas what is the issue and/or how to workaround this? What is that critical warning 0x2?

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