Syncronizing ESXI 6.7 with a windows domain controller

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Hello all,

I’ve been trying to find a way to syncronize ESXI 6.7 time using NTP from a virtual machine which has a domain controller and NTP active on it but i didnt get any luck.

The idea is that a sincronization time loop is being created between server bios, ESXI,vSphere 6.7 and virtual machines from it.

Bios time always gives the time to ESXI and if i use NTP for the ESXi host i get very strange times…sometimes going ahead sometimes going backwards.

Clearly that some kind of time conflict or time sincronization loop is being created.

Same time it seems thar for ESXI 6.7 the timezone cannot be changed like previous versions.

i’m kind of stuck here , i wrote you guys maybe somebody knows what can be done.

So to recap ,i want to sincronize ESXI 6.7 host time using an NTP coming from a windows domain controller virtual machine which gives domain and time to the other virtual machines.

Hope you understood what i’m trying to achive here.

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