Sync computer accounts still has old machines

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Hi All,


Currently playing in my DEV environment.

Which is running AppVolumes 2.14


My Production is running AppVolumes 2.13.2 but I seem to have over 5000 machines even tho I only have 300 online working.


So doing a test in DEV before we deploy to production.

Currently I have 24 machines running online so to make sure the Database is fine I created multiple desktop pools to get the numbers up I currently have 85 machines.


So I have deleted my test pools and should be back to only 24 machines again but each time the system Syncs with AD its syncing 85 machine even tho we only have 24 ??


Now my Home page on Appvolumes shows Computer Utilization 85 machines which I’m expecting that number to come down to 24 again.


Am I doing something wrong here I thought Appvolumes 2.13.3 had this issue sorted or at least now 2.14.


Thanks in advanced

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