storage provisioning not being recognized by the hosts in the cluster

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So in the past, when using the thick client, I clearly remember our storage guys provisioning a LUN to any one of our clusters, and from there were could simply go into the add datastore wizard and make it happen, and after adding the new datastore  rescans would take place automatically and all the hosts would see the new datastore. 


The above scenario doesn’t seem to be working as such anymore, using VCSA 6.7 U3 and hosts are at 6.7 u3, and 6.5 U3. 


Now, we provision the storage from the array, and we couldn’t just add the storage, our admin had to go down the list of hosts and find the actual storage device in each host’s list of storage devices and “attach” the new storage.  


Can someone please shed light on what’s going on here?


1.  is my memory faulty from old age and I’m my memory of this work in the thick client just a fantasy?  hahaha

2.  Did something change with the intro of the web client that has never been fixed?  there’s been so many little issues.. who knows right? 

3.  Is something choking between the array and the vSphere host?  perhaps we are in need of a firmware upgrade on the array?  our HBA firmware is pretty up to date, except on the HPE Gen8s we run which has firmware frozen back at the June 2017 HPE SPP, but nothing we can do about that at this point but replace these old blades  

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