Storage conectivity losses, Consequences at VM Level

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Hello everyone,


I’m seeking for information about the consequence of a iscsi storage failover (Active (IO) path dead) at the VM level :


  • How a VM (Deian/Centos/Windows at their system level only) react to storage loss of few second (1-5) during a storage failover ?
  • Do you know a white paper focuses on the path status and configuration optimisation on ESXI ?


I found many type of document that explain in details how rendondency work but nothing about “Hey, we lost an array IRL, path changed in less than 5 second but 150 VM get weird after failover and we know why ! (BTW we know how to simulate it)”.


Array vendor have many specification and configuration recommandation depending the array hardware. The context of my questions is restricted to VMware/VM only.


Thanks in advance guys.

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