SRM+vSphere Replication+Reprotect takes long time

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This is the scenario, vSphere Replication to replicate VMs from site A to B, VMs protected with SRM and one VM is big

When a recovery plan is executed site B becomes the protected site, then we reprotect the VMs and site A becomes the new recovery site, during the reprotection of the VMs the replication is reversed  and the state of the VM changes to initial sync, this process with VMs that are big takes long time, in my case up to two days.


So, supposing the application hosted in the VMs does not work and we want to move the VMs back to the original protected site (A), The reprotect process fails becuase it times out due the initial sync takes longer that 4 hours and I do not rememer what is the status of the VM in the recovery plan but I belive it becomes green since it is protected and just the initial sync is running. I have not tried but I wonder.

Is is possible to try a recovery plan even thoguht the VM is still running its initial sync after reprotecting it?

I would guess not a supported one but Is there any other option to move the VMs back without waiting for its initial sync to finish?


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